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Our Volunteers Have Fun!

We can always use volunteers to help out with various tasks around the Orangevale Food Bank. Being 100% volunteer supported, we rely on people in our community to chip in with their time to help clean, sort food, and hold food drives – all with the purpose of serving our neighbors in need. We handle all of our volunteer through the website via our Volunteer Central.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Grocery Store Food Drives 

We rely on volunteers to help staff our food drives at grocery stores during November each year. Spend a couple hours at the entrance of a local grocery store and pass out flyers listing the items we’re currently in need of. As people exit, they are able to drop off donations which are collected and transported to the food bank for distribution each week. This is a very important part of keeping the food bank in operation.

Wednesday Crew

We have regular weekly community service opportunities, and this is a great place for new volunteers to get acquainted with OVFB. Every Wednesday from 10am – 1pm, we have various projects ranging from deliveries, painting, sorting food, assembly homeless kits, gardening, harvesting fruit, washing/cleaning, etc. This is a weekly community service opportunity for any age. Please wear closed toe shoes. Under age 12 must be accompanied by parent.

Weekly Food Distribution (Mon, Wed & Thurs)

We are currently open Mondays afternoons, Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings and usually need a few extra people each week to help sort food, prepare bags, carry bags to cars, and welcome those that come in to get their food each week. We have a regular weekly volunteer staff and provide a few available slots for additional volunteers to get involved each shift. Please sign up online if you’re interested in helping with a Weekly Food Distribution. Visit our Volunteer Central page to sign up for one of the upcoming available shifts.

Community Garden Help

We are always looking for help growing fresh healthy food for families in need. We have many areas on the food bank property where we are growing fresh fruits and vegetables. We are looking for green thumbs to join the team and keep it growing. If you’re interested in joining this team, contact us.

Food Pickups and Deliveries

Every week, teams of volunteers pick up food donations from several area grocery stores. Volunteers are needed to help pick up truckloads of food and help keep the warehouse organized. We are always looking for extra hands for our morning truck deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you’re interested in joining this team, contact us.