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Volunteer Spotlight – Izzy Hyland


Volunteer Spotlight – Izzy Hyland

After Izzy Hyland moved to the Sacramento area and settled in, she began looking for something to do to meet new people and lessen the sadness of missing her children and grandchildren back in Utah. Two years ago, after seeing a story in the local Orangevale newspaper, OV View, about the Orangevale Food Bank, Izzy knew this was the opportunity she was looking for. Now a retired nurse, Izzy works at the OVFB twice per week as the bagging room lead, ensuring that bags are filled and stocked, ready for distribution on the Food Bank’s distribution days.

Izzy has been giving back her entire life. When asked why she volunteers, Izzy cited a number of reasons, including the importance of “serving others to get the focus off yourself.” She mentioned that it’s easy for people to become self-involved and when you’re faced with the astounding number of homeless people and families in need of food, the priorities become clear. With many families not having enough money to get through the month, Izzy finds reward in working for an organization that helps supplement neighbors in need. And to top it off, she has fun. Izzy has done more than meet her goal of meeting new people; she’s made life-long friends that she dearly cherishes and works with every week.

On behalf of the OVFB, we thank Izzy for her many contributions to our team and community.

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