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Volunteer FAQ

We Love Our Volunteers

177420_340042332745089_1964838697_oOur organization is operated by all volunteers. Here are a few common questions and answers about volunteering with the Orangevale Food Bank.

What is required to volunteer?

We require all volunteers to sign and complete our Volunteer Waiver. Once this is completed, anyone can volunteer. We do expect a level of professionalism and respect that will represent the community well. Please be aware that all volunteers are required to wear closed toe shoes.

Are children allowed to volunteer?

For most things, children are allowed and will enjoy volunteering. However, there are several shifts that for various safety or logistics reasons, children are not allowed. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire shift. The best place for children to help out with the food bank is with our Grocery Store Food Drives.