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Photo Tour

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Orangevale Food Bank, here’s a brief photo tour and explanation of what we do. If you’d like to come visit, just contact us.

As guests enter the Orangevale Food Bank, our registration volunteers welcome
and check them into our computer system.

Each guest of the food bank is given a grocery bag of staples and can select between
other optional items such as peanut butter, eggs, jam, and baby food items.

Based upon the family size, each guests’ bag contains enough food items for
each member of their household for about a week and a half.



Our sorted food storage room is where all date-checked food is organized by category for
our volunteers to put together grocery bags for our guests.

This is our sorting room which is just behind the sorted food room. All new food donations are
sorted, date and quality checked before putting them on the shelf to provide to guests in their bag.

Every once in a while, we get a pallet of one food item donated. This is our warehouse room
which we use to store bulk items.

Our back patio and loading dock are where we receive new large food donations. This also a
fun area to hang out during and after our garden work parties.

Additional storage containers are found in the very back of our property which
we use to temporarily store non-perishable items, as well as many of our supplies.

Here are the beginnings of our community garden started in 2012. More photos and info
to come soon. These gardens will grow nutritious vegetables for hungry families.