Adopt-A-Month Program

school_food_driveHelp Us Keep the Shelves Full!

Orangevale Food Bank’s Adopt-A-Month program provides every member of the community an opportunity to contribute to helping our neighbors in need. We rely on donations from schools, churches and clubs to do what we do. This is an organized method of having each group “adopt” one month of the year to hold a food drive to help fill the shelves for that month.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose one month each year to do a foodraiser using our food drive kit
  • Great for schools, church groups, community clubs
  • Make it a contest for Most Pounds Collected, Most Bag, Most of a certain item (current top needs are available from OVFB staff)
  • Can be held for a week of the month, or the entire month
  • What is Provided:
    • Paper or burlap bags for each person
    • Flyers to attach to bag
    • “What to Buy” Guide

Current Adopt-A-Month Schedule

Our goal is to have at least 3-4 organizations adopt every month of the year. Below are some of the organizations who have adopted a month of the year:

  • Aerojet
  • California Montessori Project
  • Carnegie Middle School
  • Casa Roble High School
  • El Camino High School (KCRA Kids Can)
  • Fair Oaks Water District
  • Golden Valley Charter School
  • Green Oaks Elementar
  • Oakview Community School
  • Orange Vale Water
  • Orangevale Open
  • Ottoman Elementary
  • Pasteur Middle School
  • Pioneer School
  • Small Wonders Preschool
  • Summit Christian School
  • Twin Lakes Elementary
  • Trajan Elementary
  • Ti Amore Preschool

To sign your organization up for a month or if you have questions, please email or call us for more information.