Dovewood Court Brings Food in For Our Neighbors

IMG_8363A holiday tradition we all partake in is driving around searching for the most decorative front yards covered in Christmas lights. In Orangevale, we are fortunate enough to have Dovewood Court. This fully dedicated court gives life to an ongoing holiday destination for friends and families coming together to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Not only does this court sacrifice the silence and peace that is found within the nights approaching Christmas, but they also dedicate themselves to collecting canned food for our neighbors through Food For Families. This year, the Orangevale Food Bank was blessed
with 12,000 pounds of the donations Dovewood Court received this holiday season.


We would like to give a special thank you to the Transtrum family for once again hosting this event throughout t...

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Saying Goodbye to 2015, Welcoming the New Year

Looking back on the blessings we have received this year, we could not be more appreciative to the new changes that have been implemented, the old and new volunteers who pour their hearts our every time they serve, the blessing of our new Director, Tom Carden, and all of the hearts we fill by following the footsteps of our Lord. Although we will be closed for the last two weeks of December and the first week of January, we are eager to get back into the rhythm of serving and helping our neighbors in need.

In this next year we hope to accomplish a new multifunctional covered patio as well as a walk in freezer with the help of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church. These changes will assist in extending the shelf life of our food, which is pertinent to how many neighbors we can serve...

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Holiday Hours of Operation


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Feeling Blessed: Thanksgiving 2015

12291252_978990698850246_4533166873612833450_oAfter testing out a new method of handing out our Thanksgiving boxes, we are able to say that this has been our most successful Thanksgiving event to date! The Orangevale Food Bank was able to provide 280 people with the items necessary to make their Thanksgiving feasts.

We would like to take the time to give a special thanks to our dedicated volunteers who shine their hearts in the best way for the goodness of our neighbors as well as the people and businesses to follow:

  • The generous contributions from our grocery store sponsors (Fair Oaks Trader Joe’s and Orangevale Walmart, and Orangevale Save Mart).
  • Our grocery store food drive sponsors (Orangevale Walmart, Fair Oaks Safeway).
  • The turkey donations from Senator Ted Gaines’ office.
  • The turkey donations from Sacramento Food B...
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El Camino Fundamental High School Gives Back

Each month, the Orangevale Food Bank has a school within our communityIMG_1055 host a food drive. As a way to bring comfort to our neighbors within the community, these schools make it their challenge to see how much food they can collect and donate within a month’s time. This is also a way to highlight the kids in our community by showing that “Kids Can!” collect food, and help make a positive change to their community.

Although El Camino High School is not within the city of Orangevale, Carli, a Senior and Community Service Lead at El Camino High School divulged, “When I became the service lead, I told everyone we were donating to the Orangevale Food Bank just like last year. It doesn’t even matter that we are from different areas...

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Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities

The Orangevale Food Bank is looking for people like you to come out and assemble/distribute  Thanksgiving boxes on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. This project is our way of giving back to our community, and it can only be made possible with the help from our volunteers. By giving back to our neighbors in this way, we are able to spread the joy and love the holiday season brings us with those who need a little extra faith and happiness. So, if you find it in your heart to come out and join us on Friday, Saturday, or Monday, we would love to have you! Please sign up at:  12080275_960743840674932_954588817827285670_o

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Food Bank Welcomes Mexico Student Interns


In an effort to inspire volunteerism and leadership with youth, the Orangevale Food Bank welcomed five teenage young men from Chiapas, Mexico for a two week internship this last July. In partnership with Young Life, a global youth outreach organization, the food bank leadership team reviewed many high school students’ applications from this southern region of Mexico. Five young men  were selected to make their first trip outside of their country for a life-shaping experience as they worked alongside food bank volunteers to serve the needs of our community.

Ramiro, one of the students said “It’s cool to see a community come together to collect and distribute food for their neighbors in need”. Volunteering is not a typical thing that happens in his community in Mexico...

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Welcome to our Orangevale Neighbors from the Twin Lakes Food Bank!

Welcome New Neighbors from Twin Lakes(1)

Effective July 1, 2015, all Orangevale residents who were previously served by the Twin Lakes Food Bank will now be served by the Orangevale Food Bank. Please see the letter below to our new Orangevale neighbors transitioning over from Twin Lakes.

To Our New Clients from Twin Lakes Food Bank,

Welcome! As you’ve hopefully been made aware, the Twin Lakes Food Bank will be transferring its Orangevale-based clients to the Orangevale Food Bank effective July 1, 2015. We have been preparing for several months to serve you in the best way possible during your transition to our Food Bank. This letter outlines the important things that you should know to make your visit the best possible.

1. Food Pick Up: You may pick up food once a month, every month...

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Why I Love Orangevale | #whyiloveov

Why I Love Orangevale | #whyiloveov

A Fundraising Campaign Benefiting the Orangevale Food Bank

#whyiloveov - Facebook graphic(1)

Generosity. Positivity. OV love. That’s what this campaign is all about. The Orangevale Food Bank has received a very generous offer from an anonymous donor to spread love and positivity in and about the Orangevale community: This donor has offered to make a $10 donation for every positive comment addressing “Why I Love Orangevale” on social media with the hashtag #whyiloveov from April 30 (midnight) – May 5, 2015 (11:45 p.m. PT). The final donation will be given online just before midnight on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 as part of the Big Day of Giving.

What is the Big Day of Giving?

On May 5th, the Orangevale Food Bank will be participating in a huge and historic event for our region, the Big...

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Calling All Kids: Spring Break at the Food Bank

If you’re a youth looking for volunteer opportunities to fulfill community service requirements or just want to have some fun and make some friends, “Spring Break at the Food Bank” is a great week to come! We have drop in volunteer hours for youth Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Just stop in! We’re located here.

This week doesn’t work for you? We have plenty of volunteer opportunities year-round! Check out our Volunteer page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated.

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